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Tantric Breathwork

A Breathwork Course for Healing and Relaxation

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In Tantra, the breath is one of the key aspects of your spiritual practice. The breath is the spirit. The way you breathe indicates your lifestyle and your longevity. By consciously learning to be aware of your breath, and using your breath as an ally, you become more aware of your Self and the unconscious aspects of your life become conscious. This means you are not living your life on autopilot as a product of your habits, upbringing or environmental conditioning, but rather you become a sovereign. You move through life with more ease and the ability to consciously change patterns that don't serve you. Life becomes as smooth and graceful as the breath. 

What's included in the course?

Regulate Your Nervous System

The way you breathe indicates how relaxed or how tense you are. This is why people often say to "take a deep breath" in order to relax. Many people who do not handle stress correctly tend to have a quick breath that keeps their nervous system in a contracted state. Breathwork helps ease your body from the sympathetic "fight or flight" nervous system activation into the easy "rest and digest" parasympathetic nervous system activation. These practices will change your breathing from short and contracted, to long, deep and slow as a baseline. Calm and relaxation are the outcome. 

Discover, Uproot and Heal Deeply Embedded Trauma

Many types of traumas become psychosomatically embedded in the body where they are stored until consciously released. Often times during breath work people will uncover old memories or connect the dots to things they may not have thought about for a while. The breath can help you dislodge these old embedded traumas, allowing you to feel lighter and more aligned and centered in your life. 

Improve Your Daily Mood

Breathwork has been proven to heal stress, anxiety, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), depression and other lower vibrational energy states. When you breathe in an intentional and powerful way, you move stuck energy, uplift your energy, and create a natural high vibrational energy in your body. This can often be felt during a breathwork session where you feel tingling sensations all over the body and an overall happy, blissful mood.

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Transmute Sexual Energy

Breathwork helps to activate the kundalini energy (a coiled serpent-like energy located in the sacrum bone at the base of the spine) and move it upwards along the spine, This moves the energy from the lower chakras (energy centers) associated with survival, power and sexuality to the higher chakras associated with love, creativity, intuition and unity consciousness. The result is that you become a master of your sexual impulses and lead your life from a more heart based, peaceful state. 

Release DMT and Activate Your Third Eye

Breathwork is known to release DMT (dimethyltryptamine), a naturally occurring psychedelic within the brain that is released during dreamtime. These psychedelic experiences can be powerful revelations where you discover there is much more to the universe beyond the individual Self, and you can be gifted with insights and clarity that answer your deepest questions. Breathwork also activates your third eye, the energy center slightly above and between your eyebrows, which develops your intuition and psychic skills. 

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