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Healing From Sexual Trauma

A Course for Healing Sexual Wounds and Trauma Energetically

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Sexual abuse and trauma is an unfortunate epidemic in our society. Whether it's childhood sexual abuse, misuse of sexual energy, or having one's boundaries crossed these events can create discord and heaviness within a person's body until cleared fully at an energetic level. This is a one of a kind course that teaches unique Tantric yoga techniques and shares powerful energetic healing and reprogramming practices that can liberate a person from this trauma to a point of feeling truly healed and sovereign in your body again.  

What's included in the course?

Replacing Stigma with Self Compassion

The initial phases of dealing with sexual trauma often include guilt, shame, self blame and many other energies not in the highest alignment with true healing. This course shares powerful energetic techniques to move beyond the shock and stigma of abuse into deeper self love and the potential for true healing. 

Confronting Fear with Courage

Because this type of trauma can be very intense and confronting many of us may not feel safe to go within and uncover how we really feel and to acknowledge the pain of what has occurred. In this course you learn to face the fear of unpacking the trauma in a gentle and non-confronting way in order to give yourself the opportunity to truly heal at an emotional and cellular level. 

Reconnecting with Your Body

After releasing any trapped energy comes the natural step of reconnecting with your body. This course kicks out any foreign invader energy and guides you into feeling connected, in tune with and radiant in your body again. You will learn how to feel safe being seen and to reestablish a feeling of fluidity and movement in your body. 

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Cleansing Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Trauma can have a deep and lasting physiological effect and it's of vital importance to heal and uproot trauma at an energetic level. This course gives you effective energetic practices that can cleanse your mind, body and emotions of all traces of abuse. 

Reclaiming your Power and Confidence

After surviving comes thriving. It's absolutely possible to revive the energy that is your birthright before any trauma or abuse occurred and what's more, to become even more confident and powerful in your being. The energetic practices included in this course help you rebuild, self-confidence, self-esteem and deep intrinsic feeling of self love and empowerment. 

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