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Masculine Mastery

A Course for Mastering Male Sexuality and Attractiveness with Tantra


The men of today have been given many mixed messages and mental programs that have left them confused, insecure and alienated from women. At the root of this issue is the lack of control of one's sexual energy, which is the energy of creation, drive and motivation. Most of the solutions in the conventional world are bandaid coverups that don't address the underlying cause of all problems in the world - energy. Everything is energy and when you do the inner work using Tantric energetic techniques you will see massive shifts in the way you view yourself and simultaneously in the way people view you. This is the real deal of how you actually effect change in your life. By addressing subconscious programs, beliefs and traumas - healing from the inside out - you attract real loving and lasting relationships. 

What's included in the course?

Mastering Sexuality

Sexual energy is the basic energy of creation. It is the energy that drives most of our behavior, and when a man is conscious of how to master this energy rather than waste it or be controlled by it, he becomes a king. This course will teach you the basic tantric techniques to master your sexual energy, use it wisely and empower yourself with it. You will also learn powerful skills for using this energy masterfully in the bedroom and the spiritual growth that happens when a man embraces and conquers his sexuality. 

Physical Mastery

Much of a man's mastery comes from his physical physique and there are proper protocols for how to use diet and exercise to enhance testosterone and a masculine appearance. This course includes valuable dietary information on what to exclude and include in your food habits, the right way to eat (intuitively) and specific workouts for masculine enhancement.

Dating Mastery

Learn the proper moves from the first approach, to getting a number, to a successful date experience. This course shows you how to date as your authentic self and achieve success while enjoying the entire dating experience. Learn the proper male etiquette to date with class in this modern day finishing school for men. 

Emotional Mastery

One of the most important things in life mastery is emotional mastery. Very few people are given tools for how to manage and feel their emotions in a balanced way, neither suppressing nor over indulging in them. Because men have been taught throughout generations to tough it up and do their duties, sometimes they struggle to properly feel and cope with emotional challenges and inner traumas.  A man who is able to correctly deal with his feelings becomes extremely masculine and attract to the feminine, as he is able to relate to her and make her feel safe and heard. He meets himself internally and is able to meet her in a healthy way. This course includes powerful emotional processing techniques and self image improvement practices to heal the emotional body, and as a result, one's self confidence. 

Spiritual Mastery

Mastering oneself is true mastery. This course is a blueprint for using the entire dating experience to create self mastery and a connection to the spirit of all things. Tantra is a spiritual practice that shows you that the desire for sexual connection is a part of something much bigger and all encompassing - connection to the divine. 

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