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Cat Magick

Cats hold special significance in magic among witches and within ancient Egyptian tradition.

The Egyptian feline deities Mafdet (justice), Bastet (fertility), and Sekhmet (power) were celebrated as well as regular physical cats for their ability to protect against snakes and scorpions.

Lioness goddesses were considered dangerous and unpredictable while, at the same time, they also were caring, protective and fierce.

Mafdet, as the goddess of execution, is seen as a feline running up the side of the staff of the executioner. She is believed to rip out the hearts of wrongdoers and will personally deliver them to the pharaoh’s feet in the same manner that a cat delivers her catch to her owners.

Bastet protected households and individuals from disease and evil spirits, guarded pregnant women, and protected cats. She served as the divine nurse and mother of the Pharaoh. Due to Bastet meaning "she of the ointment jar" she also became known also as a goddess of perfume, and was called the "perfumed protector." Enormous annual festivals to honor Bast were held in her cult center city, Bubastis, involving raucous celebration and intoxication.

Sekhmet comes from “sekhem” meaning power. She is the goddess of the hot desert sun, plague, chaos, war, and healing. She destroys those who violate the principles of Ma’at (balance and justice). She is believed to protect the pharaoh during war as the warrior goddess of Upper Egypt. She acquired the title “The Scarlet Lady” because of her lust for blood. Celebrations and sacrifices are often offered to the goddess to appease her after the war and end the destruction.

Mau, the feline embodiment of Ra, is featured in an Egyptian creation myth.

"The fruit of the Tree of Life gave eternal life and knowledge of the divine plan. Apep was the Egyptian god of evil, chaos and destruction and depicted as a giant snake or serpent.

Mau and the Battle with Apep Apep threatened world and divine order and attempted to prevent Ra from bringing the sun into the sky each day. Apep, the monstrous serpent, was the deadly adversary of Ra. According to ancient Egyptian mythology Mau battled against Apep to prevent him from taking control of the Persea Tree of Life and the world. After many battles Mau finally defeated Apep and cut off the head of the serpent"

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