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Connection is Expansion

All connection whether pleasurable or painful leads to expansion.

When the masculine and feminine principles unite, a child is born of the excess creative energy. This masculine and feminine is not necessarily the physical body but the energies of creation. The child is an outcome of the two polarities meeting, reaching neutrality and ejecting the excess energy.

As human beings we are part of this desire of universal consciousness to meet, connect and create.

As we are currently in the Kali Yuga (Age of Ignorance) according to Tantric texts, many people dealing with interpersonal trauma have drifted away from the natural tendency to meet and connect, preferring instead the safety of isolation.

Through connection one is confronted with the mirroring of aspects of the Self when interacting with others. Yet this mirroring is precisely what can heal so many of the connection related disorders from past abusive and traumatic relationships.

Many fear connection because of the past tendency to pick friends or partners that do not honor the Self, yet it is much better and healthier to choose to connect and discern the proper healthy connections.

While healing can occur both in isolation and in connection, the combined excess energy when connecting can save you time and energy and propel you towards wholeness and Self-realization.

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