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Does Size Matter? (Finally Answered)

According to the Ananga Ranga there are three general sizes of lingams and yonis, the correct matching of which leads to a satisfactory union between a man and a woman. The characteristics and personality traits of the person bearing each type of gentalia mirror other ancient sciences which allude that the body is in fact a reflection of one’s internal self, such as the science of Phrenology (an individual’s character and mental faculties correlate with the shape of their head) and Palmistry (an individuals hand shape, fingers and lines indicate the inner elements and spiritual karma they carry).

The Ananga Ranga further classifies temperaments, positions, sexual appetites and the astrological mapping of sexuality as well as including the taboo Vashikaran practices of seduction magic. (It is important to read such texts with a discerning mind as to what best resonates with oneself and the current time).

What can be affirmed from the text is that each person is unique and has a correspondingly unique match sexually. The physical appearance mirrors one’s internal self and personality. The reason we are attracted to someone physically is because it portrays their internal traits, which show there will be resonance with our own traits. We attract our physical complements.

What matters most is not size but right fit.

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