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  • Scarlett Demy

Ends vs Means

In our Western world, we operate in a Machiavellian lens in which we focus on the effort and strategy to achieve a desired end in nearly everything we do.

Sex is performed with the end goal of orgasm in mind, food is eaten quickly with the end goal of rushing to your duty, and the entire society is set up with the purpose of achievement of an end.

Tantra is completely opposite in this in that there is no end, ever. The means is everything, because the means exists in the present moment which is the only reality. All other concepts of a future are simply a trick of the mind.

Therefore everything expresses differently. There is no rushing, you perform actions simply for the enjoyment of them rather than the expectation of an end result, and you see beyond the duality of outcomes in a way that you learn to enjoy whatever happens. ‘Amor Fati.’

The paradox of living in this expression of presence is that you end up enjoying more and more and ‘achieving’ more and more because you are in the rhythm and vibration of life as it’s meant to be.

So remember to enjoy the sensuality of life in the large and the mundane, here and now, deeply, with presence. Focus on the flavors and sensations in everything you do. From there the next right actions and movements will arise naturally and you will be dancing with the music of life.


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