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Feminine Sensuality and Sexuality

Why are women disconnected from their #sexuality? Is it because they are afraid a man won’t accept this part of them?

I believe that for a long time now the energies of fear and insecurity have been playing a large part in this suppression of the #feminine. Many men claim that they are attracted to girls who are “innocent” and who make them feel “special” because they only have him and maybe one or two other people in the past that were sexual partners. This is all an attempt of the #ego and the #mind to create a sense of separation and specialness. The ego doesn’t want to be connected to all. True #love and #connection with the #divine recognizes that this is judgement and a lack of self esteem. The fear that a woman who is in touch with herself sexually may not stick around or may be unfaithful is another delusion.

Male and female are more similar than they are different. We are mirrors to each other. We mostly have the same desires, hopes, fears and dreams and an equal amount of sexual #desire. The idea of following a system of waiting a certain number of dates to sleep with someone or having to withhold yourself as a prize is in reality a commodification of the female.

Your #intuition should be the only decision maker in terms of how you wish to express your sexuality. If your heart is telling you to wait because you want to connect other energies (rational, emotional, creative etc) first then wait. If you don’t want to wait and you want to explore and enjoy sensual pleasure then do it right away. If a man decides that you slept with him too soon and judges you for it or treats you differently then he is a hypocrite, and his insecurity would be awful to deal with in the long term anyway.

By allowing this energy current to flow male and female come to realize that the sensual is a gateway to the spiritual. There is no more obsession and craving for sex when you are filled with the energy of spirit, which is what you felt only momentarily in moments of #orgasm.

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