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  • Scarlett Demy

Finding your Guru

“God plants his saints sometimes in unexpected soil, lest we think we may reduce Him to a rule.” -Nagendra Nāth Baduri

Saints, gurus, and teachers come in all shades and ages. They can be temporary or life long, and they can be in any country or location, of any social status.

In a formal guru and shishya (disciple) relationship, there are various initiations (diksha) and rituals according to each path or tradition. In general, the devotee practices humility and has a sincere commitment to liberation (moksha) from the cycle of rebirths.

Some people have asked me, how do you find your guru? What I feel is that your guru will find you, when you are open and create the intention.

In the west we have an aversion towards the word guru, because we like our independence and do not trust others easily. The word ‘guru’ itself means from darkness ‘gu’ to light ‘ru.’

In Tantra, and in other yogic paths, the guru is like a magnet that can imbue a piece of metal with the same magnetic qualities. Initiations are literally like the conducting of a special electrical charge that has been preserved and passed down through several generations of a lineage (parampara) through various powerful electrical beings.

That being said, use your discernment. A true teacher will never be forceful or ask you to do what does not seem correct intuitively. There are many false prophets and spiritual egos, but for the genuine seeker, the genuine teacher will inevitably appear.


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