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  • Scarlett Demy

Free Will

No Will vs Free Will

The world is full of misery

to an ignorant man

and full of bliss to a wise man.

The world is dark

to a blind man

and bright to one

who has eyes

-Yoga Vasistha

This yogic text is a discourse of the sage Vasistha speaking to Prince Rama.

Rama is frustrated with the nature of life & human suffering and feels great disdain for the world. Through his desire for liberation he is led to a spiritual life, one that requires self-effort.

Vasistha emphasizes the use of free will and human creative power. Through the power of meditation Rama becomes enlightened and blissful.

The Yoga Vasistha is a non dual text that reminds you that beyond duality there is only a Self. You are the one who chooses your experience.

Duality means that we have a free will and we also don’t. You tune into which experience you wish to perceive and create.


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