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  • Scarlett Demy

Indulgence vs Discipline

Most people make the mistake of going from indulgence to unrealistic expectations of full discipline.

This is like expecting to go from a seed to a tree without first growing a stem and branches. You’re gonna feel frustrated because you’re skipping some steps and will have to start over.

Internalizing moral doctrines also means people glamorize suffering as righteous self punishment. Some people actually believe that pain indicates progress, when this is not true at all.

Alignment is in the middle path. Neither too much repression at once nor too much indulging.

Discipline can actually be a form of meditation, where you are in a delighted state of work because you are in your dharma; this is the path of Karma Yoga.

Too much discipline in the form of unpleasant pushing means balancing forces will eventually come in the outfit of habits like drinking alcohol, smoking or other overindulgence habits to try and rebalance the energy of unpleasant restriction. This is why most people working in the matrix need their weekend partying and drinking.

If you are balanced in your discipline/life path you will never need substances for relaxation.

Discipline should come from inspiration, from your why, from the healthy fire that burns the midnight oil cause there’s an abundance of excitement and creation.

If you have to push too hard, to try too hard, then you are in resistance and doing something unsustainable that will result in a crash and burn or self sabotage or whatever it takes for your subconscious to force you to give yourself a break.

Believe it or not you can actually find pleasure in discipline. The type of discipline that makes you true to yourself and gives you real freedom.


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