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Neural Associations and Patterns

One of the ways to move past any limitations of the mind is to recognize the false patterning system it uses. We learn through past patterns that if something happened a certain way before it is likely to happen again that way. For example, if you tried a diet several times and you failed to stick with it, then if you try again you will fail again.

Another patterning format is through false associations. For example, my ex girlfriend was very social and she cheated on me. A new girl I am dating is very social, this means she will cheat on me.

The problem with these patterns is they are based in fear and are not in fact accurate. If you navigate in a patterned way of thinking you are looping a heavily treaded neurotransmitter path in your brain rather than creating a new path and association.

In randomness exists all potential. Treating everything as new and random and tuning into your pure intuition as a guide is much more accurate and freeing than depending on the limited intellectual understanding which leads one to being stuck in the past.

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