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  • Scarlett Demy


A friend of mine came up with this term as a way to describe when people reject themselves before being rejected.

We were discussing the idea that sometimes men will not go after women or careers they really want because they already decided they won’t be able to get it or make it.

It’s amazing how the mind can be your biggest advocate or your biggest foe. What most people don’t realize is this mentality is a product of an upbringing that was meant to set up people to fail.

The diet, the institutions, the traumatized families, the media were all made to weaken you.

The main way that men lose their power is through the brain-staining that they must be run by their “second brain” and that they have no control over their drive.

Your sexual energy is your power and the more you are able to harness it and use it to your benefit the more successful and happy your life will be.

In my Masculine Mastery course I created an entire mind, body and spirit reset where you overhaul your programming not just in the realms of sexuality but in your belief in yourself and your confidence and self-esteem.

You CAN have the woman of your dreams. You CAN have abundance and freedom and you CAN have what your will desires from a healthy sense of self once you do the inner work, reprogram, rewire and reset.

Masculine Mastery


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