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Reverse Kundalini & Sexual Abuse

Reverse kundalini is an effect of any sexual practice that reverses the natural upward flow of sexual energy. This occurs through abuse as well as through unnatural use of the body such as through anal sex. The blocking of the prostate gland in men and pressure on the cervix in women can cause an unnatural current of sexual energy to be built up and released downwards.

The reason animals have tails is because of this downward flow of kundalini that represents the beastly or animal nature - the descent from the heavenly planes to the earthly, ether to matter, lighter density to lower density.

Long term effects of reverse kundalini are a devitalized upper body and heaviness in the lower body (thickening of the waist, hips and legs) along with spiritual fatigue within the whole person’s consciousness. Neurosis, personality problems, pessimism and negativity are symptoms of reverse kundalini.

Sexual abuse & trauma is a silent epidemic that plagues many within this Kali Yuga (Iron Age). It can be anything from actual rape or molestation to subtle etheric energies emanated from unwanted looks, to the suppression of your sexuality from constricting moral doctrines, the lack of a feeling of safety from past sexual partners, and using the body without reverence and respect.

It’s time to break the silence on this and do something about it. I will be leading some online workshops next month on how to use the power of Tantra to heal the effects of reverse kundalini, release the karma from your ancestry and bloodlines, and do a quantum clearing of all your past sexual experiences.

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