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Sacred Fire

The fire element was the first discovery by which we became different from animals, safe from attack, and able to be nourished in sleep and food.

In Tantra, fire is the origin and end of all phenomena. The fire of the sun, which gives life, is the primary element at the moment of creation and life ends at the destruction of every sun. The inner fire is stimulated by the breath and can transmute impurities in the body and mind, as well as burning off old energies and Karma.

There are many known fire gods in Hinduism such as Surya (the sun god), Mitra (the solar friend), and Agni, the two headed Fire god who symbolizes both an inner and outer Fire.

The fire is focused at the navel, the Solar Plexus, and can be raised up and out the third eye center between the brows to create powerful spiritual vision.

Fire can be used as a divination tool (Oracle) by examining its different light frequencies, and Tantric adepts are able to use and absorb fire energy from a sacred fire to stimulate Kundalini energy.

The pigmentation of a person’s skin, the digestion of food, the vitality of the cells, the origin and preservation of eyesight, the body’s temperature, and the intellectual faculty are all functions of the inner fire.

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