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Sexual Healing

One of the greatest gifts of Tantra Yoga is the ability to clear, cleanse and control your sexual and kundalini energy.

So many people are in need of this sexual healing, whether it’s trauma or abuse, restricted sexuality from parents, family, religions, churches and society or just a plain lack of education on what healthy sexuality looks or feels like.

Many people are either hyposexual having a numb or completely absent sexual vitality, or hyper sexual, indulging in porn addictions or incessantly hunting for sexual partners out of an inability to face past traumas of the Self/soul and cultivate one’s own healthy sexuality.

Your sexual energy is the root energy of everything.

There’s only 3 days left to pre-register for my Healing From Sexual Trauma course at the discounted rate.

This course will use my personal powerful tricks I’ve used to cleanse past sexual experiences and activate radiant magnetic sexuality.

Using Tantric Yoga, Occult Magic Rituals, and Quantum Energetics this course is focused on:

-Clearing your energy body of sexual residue/past sexual experiences

-Cutting soul ties and distortions from the 3D matrix

-Sexual body de-armouring

-Womb/lingam healing

-Healthy Boundary creation

-Building personal radiance


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