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The origin of the word Tantrum is unknown.

Some say it comes from Tamil for tantiram, “stratagem, cunning, ruse, tactic, trickery.”

Others believe it comes from the Welsh noun tant, meaning “a gust of passion, a sudden start of impulse, a whim.”

I like to believe that it’s related to the word Tantra.

A Tantrum is an uncontrolled outburst. Like Tantra it is an expression of energy with full acceptance, without curation or editing. It’s real and raw.

Anger can be anger or it can be power. When anger is not expressed you become too nice, weak and indirect. This develops into codependency and manipulation in order to try to get your needs met.

Anger channeled correctly is motivation, leadership, authenticity.

Every emotion has its downfall and it’s power.

Learning to feel everything as it arises and then use it to your benefit is the mark of spiritual masters.

It starts with your practice and with something as simple as manipulating the breath.

I created a mini Tantric Breathwork course to sample for yourself

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