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  • Scarlett Demy

The Truth About Cannabis

Many people ask me why I don’t have more followers. I would say that most likely it’s because I speak uncomfortable truths and work with dark and shadow energy. My Mercury placement (communication aspect) is in Scorpio, which is why I am a natural investigator of the intense and mysterious and taboo (funny everyone asks if I’m a Scorpio too hehe). So here’s another uncomfortable truth that I feel pulled to share.

Everything is an energy exchange.

Psychoactive weed comes from female flowers. Cannabis cultivators keep male plants away from female plants in order that they don’t pollinate them and fill them with seeds - making them unavailable for use.

If the female plants are kept away from the pollen produced by their male counterparts, they will start to produce far more valuable resin in a desperate attempt to capture pollen and become fertilised. If no pollen is to be found, the end result will be flowers covered in a dense layers of trichomes. This is due to the available resources being harnessed for resin production, instead of seed production.

These resins are a desperate attempt of these frustrated female sexual energies to capture and lure in a mate. Like a woman’s hormones on overdrive. (This is why she has strong aphrodisiacal qualities as well).

This means the consciousness of these female plants is literally desperate and feening for male energy.

And where do you think she gets it from? You.

An imbalanced feminine energy is overly absorbing and pulls you into itself (Yin is the void, dark, absorption). This is why people who smoke cannabis more often than not are consumed by a daily or hourly habit. She isn’t satisfied cause she hasn’t yet been fertilized because you interrupted her process. So now your karma is to also become consumed by her as you are blocked from your own complementary feminine energy for reproduction.

How does this happen?

THC, the primary psychoactive constituent in cannabis, blocks the release of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), which leads to lower luteinizing hormone (LH) causing the Leydig cells to produce less testosterone. Masculine traits and energy are decreased.

Sperm is damaged because she is trying to be fertilized and your seed is the closest thing she’s got. Energy disruption.

Perhaps the most difficult effect is that this feminine Yin energy is also the energy of Maya and illusion, so people hooked into this absorbing feminine embrace often staunchly and aggressively defend their addiction as the cannabinoids so similar to human ones begin to replace your own consciousness so much that you can’t even differentiate your Self from hers.


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