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  • Scarlett Demy

The Truth About Karmic Relationships

“Should, however, marriage become a heavy burden, an enslavement and an obstacle to progress, then when the karmic time has elapsed and the karmic debt is paid, it will fall from man, like a used garment.” -Elizabeth Haich

Much of the modern dilemmas in relationships comes from the faulty social programming of eternal romances, and the need for a forever partner. Some relationships are meant to last a life time, and some for just a season. The length and style of relationship is all written in one’s karmic destiny.

Also, I often receive messages from people who share the fear filled rhetoric memes etc of being careful of ones sexual partners and the tendency to lean towards a new age brahmacharya lifestyle.

These messages are heavily propagated because many have experienced the toxic cycles of relationships that seem like an endless drain of ones energy and an almost heroin like addiction where one is unable to sever the sexual energy cords that have been created.

Relationships are incubators of karmic lessons. If you cannot leave, it means you are refusing to learn the lesson and delete the karma. If you were to embrace the karmic lesson it would literally fall away of itself. The attraction would be lost, the circumstances would shift. It would seem to disappear all of a sudden.

On the contrary, abstaining from karmic lessons might mean delaying or obstructing vital interactions for your soul’s evolution. Thinking you can outsmart the energetic process by running away from a specific person without working through the karma, means in a few bits of time you will manifest an energetic twin or equivalent to that same person.

You are the center of this dream reality, and others are avatars of your creation. It’s basis is one dynamic energetic interplay.


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