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True Love Delights to Give, False Love Yearns to Take

True love is a rain showering of abundance and plenty.

It is the joy of giving with no expectation of reward or return, because the very act of giving was joyful and fulfilling.

False love is a dry withholding, saving and rationing of portions.

False love appears when one puts up barriers of protection and wants to make sure every act of giving is perfectly matched because there was secretly (very secretly) a hope, an expectation that giving would yield returns upon oneself. False love is a covert attempt at connection with the intention to fill one’s own void and soothe one’s own pains.

True love is the excess beyond self love. It is like an overstocked pantry of food, where you delightfully beg others to take and invite them to dinner because you want it all to be used and not go to waste.

True love does not fear abandonment, engulfment, infidelity, intimacy or pain because the Self has already come to the conclusion of its own worthiness and security and knows deeply at its core that it cannot be hurt by anything externally. True love takes risks and falls into its own bed of clouds.

False love rationalizes, judges, analyzes personality and character traits and builds up preemptive defenses against the attacks that would expose the Self’s unhealed and unloved aspects. False love fails to realize the exact parallel in the internal manifestation of the divorced aspects of its being in every external projection of the people one meets.

False love has replacements waiting, one foot out the door, and a vehicle with belongings packed ready to go (secretly, ever so secretly in the mind).

True love is committed, unshakable, unperturbed and secure like the roots of an old tree stretching down for many miles. It gives of its fruits and not its own branches or anything that would feel like a loss or danger, so it simply keeps on giving. It receives its nourishment (light) from the source and not from the fruit eater so it knows so deeply that it can never, ever run out.

False love is always anxious, always worried, always afraid starving and hungry.

True love is always calm, always trusting, always knowing, satiated, sensual and playful.

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