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Using the Law of Rhythm to Your Advantage

One of the major reasons addictions occur is because of the desire to counterbalance a negative loop. To fill in for the lapse in completion a new energy is introduced to give one a sense of control over the involuntary hypnotic repetition.

For example an emotional trauma orally or an inability to speak ones voice may manifest as a cigarette habit as an attempt to balance the feeling of powerlessness with a feeling of power.

This doesn’t work ever and it’s like trying to squeeze a round peg into a square hole, because you can only achieve completion through the full and accurate quantum perception.

There is a positive duality to repetition and that is in using routine and repetitive behaviors consciously.

Just as how if you hear an advertisement many times, you subconsciously begin to feel safe and familiar and a liking to a product or a brand name (the brain loves patterns and familiarity), the more you repeat something you do want the more likely you are to accept it and create a positive loop with it.

Conscious repetition keeps one grounded.

When you repeat you solidify from the etherical to the material. You create density, and density is grounding. Rather than choose a toxic habit or addiction (especially common with people on the spiritual path) ground yourself through a positive parallel routine or repetition.

Hypnosis and subliminals are some of the most powerful modalities I have worked with. I have witnessed these techniques helping people break years long habits, change their physical appearance and break negative thought patterns.

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